Air Conditioning for Vehicle

clim-cool-project GmbH is a reliable partner for the automotive industry and offers individual, innovative and economical solutions in the fields of air conditioning, cooling and special technology.

Apart from special purpose vehicles for road use, clim-cool-project GmbH equips civil and military vehicles as well as containers and shelters for special tasks with tailor-made units.

Among the special purpose vehicles are radio and TV broadcasting vehicles, exhibition and mobile measuring vehicles, as well as examination busses.

In addition, we supply air conditioning for commercial transport vehicle cabs. clim-cool-project GmbH specialises in economic, tailor-made problem solutions in the field of vehicle special technology. The company can call on wide-ranging experience in completing domestic and international projects and guarantees to observe the applicable regulations and standards.

By making use of high quality products and providing competent service, a standard of quality has been reached which sets standards

Example Projects -Air Conditioning for Vehicles: