Partial air conditioning unit for noise insulated cabins

Air conditioning systems for machines in noise insulated cabins in heightened tropical environmental conditions. The supply module serves for air conditioning a soundproof pressroom.

The arrangement of the system is as follows:

All components are housed in a painted steel framed construction with insulated powder coated aluminium cover mounted on the outside of the cabin. The connection between the cabin and the air conditioning unit is on the air output side, sealed with neoprene gaskets. Air input is by means of three flexible, insulated aluminium pipes on the outside of the cabin.

  • The control panel with the option of manual override is integrated in the system and can be mounted separately as remote control by means of a plug/socket connection.
  • This system uses two separate air conditioning circuits
    for 50% reserve with hermetic scroll compressors.
  • The condenser and/or the vaporising fan consist of direct
    drive, low maintenance radial motors.
  • Heat exchangers: Core pipes of copper, fins of aluminium.
  • Return air filter quality grade EU4
  • Particular attention has been given to a simple solution
    for maintenance, using locally available means.
  • The use of complicated control and regulating modules has been purposely avoided for this project.

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