Projector cooling CCP-PK-700

Ever smaller and cheaper projectors with ever higher light intensity results in use of projectors even for sales promotion in public places becoming increasingly attractive.

Unfortunately, the locations preferred by the promotional organisers with a high density of public presence such as airports, shopping centres and railway stations, provide poor climatic conditions for projectors. Disturbed dust, material particles and nicotine are deposited in a short time on panels, mirrors and lenses and become visible as distracting colour spots on the screen. At the same time, brightness and contrast of the projected images is reduced continuously as the contamination increases.

For this reason a housing has been developed in which the projectors are hermetically sealed off from the environmental air. The interior is cooled by a newly developed twin circuit air conditioning unit, which transports the heat via two heat exchangers, without exchange of air between the projector and the outside air. Thanks to the latest technology, the air conditioning system with 58 dB(A) is very quiet and maintenance is reduced to the routine change of lamp and a six month air jet cleaning of the cooling ribs in the exterior circuit.

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